Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday: 24 March 2016

Upcoming File Checks: 
1. English, due Monday
2. Chemistry, due Monday
3. Physics, due Wednesday

Submit CCHY Prelim 1 by Monday
Register for English Prelim Oral if you have not done so

1. Complete Level Test 1 Corrections by Tuesday
Q1, Q3 心理描写,结尾用抒情句
Q2. 写出立场
2. Submit 化阻力为助力的作文 and 2012年5月份试卷二 by Monday

Complete Impacts of Tourism (Explaining) in Google Docs

Social Studies:
Submit 2013 SBQ Homework [Cod War] by next lesson

Current Electricity WB exercise (Section A&C) by next lesson
TYS (all Level test topics at least - place in class for checking by next lesson

*please bring along a yellow file and all the Physics stuff you have next lesson

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