Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday: 17 February 2016

Complete English Summary

Chinese (Ms. Yap):
(Compulsory) 2010 10/11 O Level Comprehension by Friday
Complete 作文分组互评练习

Social Studies (due tomorrow)
Complete Travel Advisory on Transnational Terrorism
Complete Sec 4 Level Test 1 Practice (Q1A, B, D)
Complete EdPuzzle Quiz
Complete SS SEQ Practice
1) Explain how public housing policy helped to create social harmony in Singapore. [5m]
2) Explain how minority-rights representation helped to deter challenges of ethic diversity in Singapore. [5m]

Fundamentals of Electronics:
There will be no FOE this Thursday
Complete and submit Tutorial 13 by next Thursday

Complete Q1D, 1E, 2, 3, 4 of Assignment O1E: Stationary Points, Increasing and Decreasing Functions

Complete MCQ Questions on Mindmap
Complete Physics WB: Static Electricity, Page 151 -152, 158 - 160
Complete Physics TYS (Sound, EM Spectrum, Thermal Properties of Matter, Static Electricity) + marked with corrections

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