Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday: 11 February 2016

Submit Reading Programme Assignment T1W6 tomorrow
Submit Supersize Me tomorrow

Chinese (Ms. Yap):
(Compulsory) 2010 5/6 O Level Comprehension by tomorrow

Sports and Wellness:
Accept and join Google+ Community if you have not done so

Redraw Thermometric Titration Graph by next Tuesday
Complete Periodic Table WB: Section A (All), Section B (1,3,4), Section C (1,2,3)

Social Studies (due 18 February)
Complete Newsletter on Transnational Terrorism
Complete Sec 4 Level Test 1 Practice 
Complete EdPuzzle Quiz
Complete SS SEQ Practice
1) Explain how public housing policy helped to create social harmony in Singapore. [5m]
2) Explain how minority-rights representation helped to deter challenges of ethic diversity in Singapore. [5m]

Complete Assignment 16A-D by tomorrow

Complete ‘Static Electricity’ Slides

Complete Group Work on ‘Tourism Trends’ by next Tuesday

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