Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday: 15 February 2016

Complete Q5-8 of Assignment 01D: Rate of Change

Chinese (Ms. Yap):
(Compulsory) 2010 10/11 O Level Comprehension by Friday
Complete and submit your emails by Wednesday

Redraw Thermometric Titration Graph by next Tuesday

Social Studies (due 18 February)
Complete Google Classroom Reading Task by today
Complete Newsletter on Transnational Terrorism
Complete Sec 4 Level Test 1 Practice 
Complete EdPuzzle Quiz
Complete SS SEQ Practice
1) Explain how public housing policy helped to create social harmony in Singapore. [5m]
2) Explain how minority-rights representation helped to deter challenges of ethic diversity in Singapore. [5m]

Complete ‘Static Electricity’ Slides

Complete Group Work on ‘Tourism Trends’ by tomorrow

Fundamentals of Electronics:
There will be no FOE this Thursday
Complete and submit Tutorial 13 by next Thursday

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