Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday: 21 January 2016

Important Information:
1. Pay $14.50 to your Class Treasurer tomorrow for A and E.Math Yearly Ten-Year Series (TYS)
2. Sign Consent Form for Withdrawal of Funds for Edusave Account’ by tomorrow.


Complete Planning My Career WS by Friday

Chinese (Ms. Yap):
Purchase Chinese TB and WB 4A
Complete 2006 5/6 O Level Comprehension by Friday
Complete 2006 10/11 O Level Comprehension by Next Monday
Complete 考察练习二到十四 by T1W5
Write 5/15 sentences from 连用虚词 Worksheet by Monday
Memorise T1W4 默写, teacher will test next lesson

Social Studies:
Last call to submit SS Holiday Homework tomorrow
Complete Google Classroom Checkout Quiz 1

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